Firestorm : UI Design & logo

Firestorm is a private server of the game World of Warcraft, european leader in this highly competitive market. Historically, my client had several servers with various entities. His goal was to bring together all these platforms to give birth to a bigger one.

When he asked me to work on it, his request was very clear : create a new whole graphic identity over all supports, from the beginning to the end. The goal was to reconsider the communication strategy and to affirm the strength of Firestorm among competitors, to get other communities interested.

At first, I had to define the basic identity (logo creation, branding) then to involve reflection and design about interfaces (web and apps), taking into account constraints which are necessary to the entreprise and its operations.

(Important note : I do NOT own the rights for the illustrations used as examples and visual arts exploited in the graphic designs.)

ClientFirestormServicesArt direction, Logo, Branding, Design, UI, MotionYear2015Link